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We're frnk

We’re FRNK, pronounced Frank, but who needs vowels...am I right? Wine is hard. So hard, in fact, we have sent more astronauts to outer space than we have graduated wine experts.


You see, we don’t believe that you need to know how to pair wine with your favorite poke bowl or avocado toast. Whether it’s a dinner with friends, a contentious presidential election, or a candlelit bubble-bath, we have created delicious wine that pairs perfectly with your mouth and with any occasion that you need a bottle.




Chardonnay: Drinking this wine is like the feeling you get as a roller coaster starts to descend down that first drop. Yeah, you know the one! The smooth undertones of this Chard pair perfectly with all the things that give you the feels. If it feels good, do it more often!

Cabernet Sauvignon: It’s like angels dancing the Lambada in your mouth...and you like it. Rich fruits are balanced with subtle spices and herbal notes. It's so good, you’ll want to remove your mask for this one.

Pairs perfectly with your mouth and:

sexy time white.png
get together white.png
Camping White.png

Sexy Time




Chardonnay: At FRNK, the glass is always half full. Sometimes it’s fully-full but you’re not here to judge, are you? In a world that is ever more demanding, a glass of “Everything is Going To Be Okay” will remind you that life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you. You got this!

Cabernet Sauvignon: This wine pairs perfectly with presidential elections no matter which side of the fence you deafly hurl insults from. Unlike our candidates, this Cab is smooth but similarly rich AF. No matter what happens on November 3, everything is going to be okay. Now get out and vote!


Pairs perfectly with your mouth and:

Presidential Elections.png
Time with the in-laws.png

Presidential Elections


Time With

The In-Laws


Chardonnay: Put drinking this Chardonnay at the top of your to-do list, right behind your significant other. (Wink, wink.) Or pair them together for a uniquely refreshing porch pounder. Sommeliers will tell you that you’ll find lemon and lime citrus along with honeydew, apricot, peach, vanilla, caramel, and toasted almond. We’ll tell you that your mouth is in for one helluva good time.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Let's be FRNK, this wine has rich fruit, warm spices, and is perfectly balanced - unlike your ex. Lucky for you, the flavor profile will last longer than that relationship too. Sipping a glass of “You’re On My To-Do List” pairs perfectly with dating apps and will give you the confidence to starting swiping with reckless abandon.

Pairs perfectly with your mouth and:

date night white.png
Housework White.png
chill white.png

Date Night




Chardonnay: No seriously, you’re the f’n best!! Now look in a mirror and say it five times fast. Vanilla-scented caramel drizzled over stonefruit on a bed of almond toast make this Chardonnay a party in your mouth that you won’t soon forget.

Cabernet Sauvignon: So delicious and silky, this Cab will have you convinced that you are John Legend serenading Chrissy Teigan on a cloud of kittens. Meow! One sip will make you wonder what you’re doing with your life before realizing you are exactly where you should be because you’re the f’n best!

Pairs perfectly with your mouth and:

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Pep Talks.png
Insert celebration here.png

A Promotion




Celebration Here